Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I have been very busy lately. Busy doing what? Its not really one particular thing that has kept me occupied. To top that, I made the horrible mistake of inadvertently deleting my earlier blog, which had taken weeks to build. Sia and others, now you know why you cannot see your comments on my previous posts. So first of all a big "thank you" to all who took the time to read my previous posts and left trails on them. Well, I spent last Sunday uploading all the posts again and rebuilding those profiles, links, blog events, etc. This was a perfect lesson on how NOT to submit yourself to the “undo” feature that operating systems today provide. The “CTRL Z” is so well blended into every cell of my brain that I tried to “undo” the blog tragedy hoping it would be a matter of just one click, only to find my Sunday ruined entirely.

Ahh! I guess this is the perfect time to present 7 random facts about me, for which I was tagged by Komal. Here we go:

1. Long before my current misfortunate blog murder, I had mistakenly added salt instead or sugar in some recipe and for about half a second, held my spirits high, thinking I just need to hit “UNDO”!

2. Nobody ever asks me, what I love to eat and drink the most? If they do, I can undoubtedly say “TIRAMISU” and “DESI CHAI”. Yes, if I knew that today is my last day of this life time, I would spend all the time I have, eating Tiramisu and sipping on our Desi Chai! That’s how much I love this Italian Dessert and Indian tea.

3. What do I hate the most in life? I can most positively say, “SHOPPING”. I made my sister, mother and my mother-in-law shop for my wedding dress, accessories and all those associated girly things for the big day. Ironically, I can spend hours at Wegmans, Harry and David or Crate and Barrel and like.

4. I have a weird fear (and somewhat hatred) for cats, dogs and crows! My heartfelt apologies to all you pet lovers. But, want to know what I would love as a pet? “A SNAKE”……I love these big noodles from the core of my heart!

5. If I don’t like something or don’t want to do a thing, I can and will come up with any goddamn “EXCUSE”.

6. If Pratik teases me over something (which he does very often), I just add extra red chilli powder in his food and watch him turn red while enjoying my portion! I do this trick so often and yet, he never realizes that it’s only his food that's hot!! Also, have you noticed the number of times I mention him in my posts. That’s just so that I get excused for other pranks that I get caught on!

7. And now for some philosophy, since everyone has a lot of thoughtful facts in their posts. I do not believe in God. How could someone make stuff like bitter gourd & radish good but chocolate & cheese bad for health? I just call this mean.

That’s it until I get tagged for something else. I guess that is enough to get me popular for now!

Now that the ball is in my court, I tag all bloggers who read this post!


bha said...

nice MeMe Poonam. Good to know stuff about you.

Srivalli said...

very nice to read...but you like snacks???...


Roopa said...

he thats very fun reading your meme! oh my smart girl adding chilli powder he he :)

sra said...

You're wicked and funny!

bee said...

i love bittergrourd, but hate radish, and dark chocolate is very good for you, so i agree with half of your statement.

loved reading your MeMe.

Coffee said...

1. Tch, tch
2. What do you love to eat and drink the most?
3. Are you sure!!!
4. part 1- i am with you. part 2- i am NOT with you
5. haha
6. Very wicked!
7. I like that one! :)

It was great knowing about you. :)

Sharmi said...

your MEME was quite different form the usual!! my my how could you have snake as pet and not cats and dogs!!
#5, I am very much with you, #6 is very mean, #7 funny!! I enjoyed reading your meme a lot.

Pravs said...

Thanks for peeking in..:D
Very nice MEME...what a nice way to take revenge :D

Poonam said...

Hi Bhags, Srivalli, Roopa, Sra, Bee, Coffee, Sharmi & Pravs, i am glad that you enjoyed the meme..Thanks for leaving your comments.....I didnt mean to be mean with the #6...i was just...ummm...okay i just wanted to take a good revenge..

Coffee: thanks for asking...tiramisu and tea!! :)

Snakes can be such good pets!...I already have an adopted corn snake in a state park!!

Lakshmi said...

hehehee it was fun reading your MEME. Something different from others.Good to know about you. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Try the snack, it tastes yumm and later don't blame for the addiction.

Sig said...

hehe Poonam u r a funny gal... It sure would've been nice to have a CtrlZ option in life :)

SeeC said...

Thanks for visiting my blog poonam.
Thats really an interesting MeMe.
Salt vs Sugar and your chilli stuff... funny.

Deborah said...

I can't imagine loosing everything and having to re-enter it!

I'm going to have to try that chili powder trick on my husband - he hates really hot things, so it could be funny....

M'nMs said...

oh good stuff! Yummm to Tiramisu and Desi Chai! Good tricks...share some more :)

Raaga said...

hi... I came before and left comments before, but can't find them. Did I offend you?

Anonymous said...

Your trick with the chili is too funny. I'll have to try that with my own husband the next time he gets out of line. :)