Friday, April 27, 2007


Over the past few days I tried several recipes at home, but didn't write about any because I was extremely upset over Miami's performance in this years basketball playoffs. They are my favorite team and I just could not take it. I mean come on.......the 2006 champs being swept in the first round ?? That means I have to wait another year to watch them maul Detroit at the Palace. This is how crazy I am about this team: I watched them lose to the Pistons in Game 7 during the 2005 playoffs and cried for the next 30 minutes, called my dad in the middle of the night and explained to him how Miami deserved to win, and refused to talk to anybody for the next whole week. Thats how much I like watching them. This year was different though. D-Wade got injured, some other players were sub-par during the regular season and Shaq was the only one who showed some spark. Yet they managed to win games before the playoffs and so I was hoping that the series with the Bulls would be fun. Honestly, I didn't expect them to win without Wade being 100%. This guy is special. He knows exactly when, how and where he should be to be able to shoot through. The 2006 championship was undoubtedly his solo effort. After that win, I remember dancing on the couch for like 15 minutes cheering at the top of my voice. But this year proved to be a dud. Nevertheless, I am back to being myself and will update this blog more frequently.

Here is the recipe for these delicious crepes that I made Friday night to eat while I watched the third game in the Heat-Bulls series.

Spinach, Red pepper and Mushroom Crepes

Ingredients :

1 cup complete buttermilk pan cake mix
1 cup shittake mushrooms cut into strips
1/2 red bell peppers cut into strips
1/4 cup spinach
1/4 tsp red chilli flakes
Olive oil

1 cup milk
3 tbs all purpose flour
2 tbs butter
4 tbs parmesan cheese
Few drops of dark chocolate sauce
1/4 tsp salt


1. In a sauce pan, heat some olive oil and saute the mushrooms, red pepper and spinach. Add some salt and red chilli flakes.
2. Melt 2 tbs of butter in a sauce pan and add the all purpose flour to this. Let this cook for 4-5 minutes so that the sauce doesn't taste powdery.
2. Slowly add the milk to this mixture stiring continuously. As this starts to thicken up, add the salt. Continue stiring until another 5-7 minute. Finally add a few drops of the chocolate sauce.
3. Make the batter for the pancakes as per the directions. Add some extra water to make it thin.
4. Heat a round griddle and spread some oil over it. Pour some batter on the pan and roll it over the griddle to spread evenly and thinly. Flip over after one side is cooked. Cook the other side for 1-2 minutes until crisp.
5. Stuff the mushrooms, red pepper and spinach mixture on the crepe and roll it.
6. Top the crepes with the sauce and drizzle some chocolate sauce on the top.

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